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Who is the Ascended Woman?

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We all are. Well we can be.

Ascended Woman is my ‘stage name’ formulated from a Tarot reading after pulling the reversed Hanged Man. It seemed to fit in a way where I was enlightened to share my path, to help others along the difficult journey that we call life. Ascension is something a lot of us try to achieve in one way or another. To be above everyone else.

But I found the beauty comes not from being above, but below. Amongst the roots. A interconnected messy system that sits below the surface, nourishing us with everything we need. Understanding that we’re all part of a wondrous eco system and the strength lies at the base of the person. From learning who we are and where we fit in with the universe is where we find our Halo.

I’m not ascended, I’m not better, I’m just a person. But I’ve evolved and adapted to know that finding harmony within our selves is a way to create peace within the universe.

I don’t pretend to be some know it all guru who has all the answers. I’ve struggled in my life to overcome a series of obstacles and illnesses, physical and mental. It’s not been easy. I’m never going to be ‘well’ in the conventional sense. I’m always going to have my flaws, but acceptance is the key. I’ve found various coping mechanisms that have allowed me freedom to be more of who I want to be.

I was told to not be “so sensitive” and the world doesn’t work like that. But why not? Why can’t we be the change we want to see. I don’t want to be locked behind closed doors, ashamed to be myself because society feels threatened by people having feelings, of being human. We aren’t perfect we have no reason to put people on pedestals and demand so much from them. Yet we do, as a society. Creating illogical role models where greed, attractiveness and assets are valued more than love and generosity.

I want to create a world where we value kindness and compassion above all else. Where we forgive more than we judge. Where we love not fight. I know realistically this isn’t going to happen. But a girl can dream right? I know suffering is going to happen regardless, it can’t not. What I want, is people who are suffering to feel valued, appreciated and less misunderstood. Less alone.

So while the world catches up. I want to carve out my corner of the world for the people like myself, who don’t fit into societies ‘normal’. That are for one reason or another lost in the darkness. Just needing a helping hand to find their own roots, so that they can support themselves. Eventually creating their own halo and shining their light into the world.

I’ve always enjoyed writing. It’s something that feels very natural. Yet at the same time I’ve always been too secretive to share because I’ve never believed I was good enough, or made sense! But now, although I still care, I’ve reached a point where I’m just like why not? If just one person understands me and is in someway helped by what I have to say, that’s all I need.

This blog is, at the moment, going to be mostly Astrology based and ways to use Astrology to help ourselves navigate the world around us. I’m still learning so don’t expect miracles, but what I’ve learnt along the way so far is too invaluable not to share.

I’m not going to give you current daily Transits or literal translations. There are plenty of other sites suited to that. I want you to understand how to use Astrology like a remedy, so that you can unlock areas of your own life and then you can breathe again. When you’re disconnected at the the roots you’re depriving yourself of sustenance. The Natal chart provides the Roots, the foundation of your existence. How you grow that tree, to reach your Halo, is up to you!

Much Love, AW

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